How to get here

Casa Cámara is located in the historic quarter of Pasai Donibane, at the port of Pasajes, a special place that can only be reached on foot and requires knowledge of the area in order to know how to get there and where to park. If this is not the case, we give you some indications that will help you. If you have any problems getting there, do not hesitate to call us at +34 943 523699 and we will try to help you. In any case, we indicate our GPS coordinates: 43°19'35.7 "N // 1°55'11.3 "W

You can come directly to Pasai Donibane or through Pasai San Pedro, from where you can take a small boat that will bring you to the other side of the bay:

PasaI san pedro

Recommended option in case you come for lunch at noon (and on weekdays from Monday to Friday).

Car: parking lot (P4 on the map) is free until 19:30 in the area for residents on weekdays from Monday to Friday (this area is marked with E/R on the ground). There is another free and open parking lot in the Trintxerpe area (P5 on the map).
from Donostia - San Sebastian. With departures from Oquendo street, 14. E09 Pasai San Pedro > Donostia See timetables and E79 Pasai San Pedro > Donostia (night) See timetables.
it will take you to the Pasai San Pedro pier.

From here, a small boat crosses to the other side of the bay. This service is open non-stop until 23:00 (Fridays and Saturdays until 24:00).

Pasai donibane

We recommend this option whether you come for lunch or dinner (regardless of whether it is a working day or a holiday).

Car: there are several free parking options (P1 / P2 / P3. See map).
Bus: from Donostia - San Sebastián. With departures from Plaza de Gipuzkoa, 11. E01 Pasai Donibane > Errenteria > Donostia See timetables and E71 Pasai Donibane > Lezo > Errenteria > Pasai Antxo > Donostia (nocturno) See timetables.
Cab: It will take you to the entrance to the old town of Pasai Donibane.

From this point you have a nice walk of a few minutes along the unique street of Pasai Donibane until you reach Casa Cámara.

Alternative plans

The place where Casa Cámara is located invites you to arrange plans for before or after a good meal.

Travesía por Ulía o Jaizkibel

Crossing through Ulía or Jaizkibel

Two walking paths lead us to Casa Cámara. From San Sebastian by the Ulía mountain or from Hondarribia by the Jaizkibel mountain. 

If you come from San Sebastian, the walk starts from Zurriola beach of Gros, goes along Ulía to the Faro de La Plata (silver lighthouse) and from there descends to Pasai San Pedro to cross later in the boat to Casa Cámara.

Starting from Hondarribia, the route along Jaizkibel mountain is a fantastic excursion. The cliffs and sandstone rocks modeled over millions of years offer a spectacle not to be missed. 

+ info: Mendiak eta Herriak (T. +34 948 513233)

Here you have the complete information of the two routes:

San Sebastian - Pasai Donibane (Talaia, GR121. 3h, 8km)
Hondarribia - Pasai Donibane (Talaia, GR121. 7h, 21km)

En Barco

By boat

If you have a boat, we can't think of a better plan than coming to Pasajes by boat and enjoying a meal at Casa Cámara. In the port of Pasaia you can find courtesy moorings and other options:

- Courtesy mooring in Pasai Donibane: Izkiro / Marina (T. +34 650 257482)
- Other courtesy moorings in San Pedro and Trintxerpe: Pasaia Port
- Transfer by boat: Brai (T. +34 658 723194)
- By classic sailboat: Ostarte Sailing (T. +34 687 255661)